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When you don’t feel good it’s hard to do the things you enjoy, and you tend to be short with the people you care about.  The common approach is to take medications or supplements to try to block the symptoms.  The problem with this approach is that it doesn’t address the deeper issues that are causing the symptoms, so healing never actually occurs.  Side effects or worsening of the underlying issue is also common over time.

Think of symptoms like the check engine light on the dashboard of the car.  They are the warning sign of a deeper issue.  Putting a piece of duct tape over the light or unhooking the bulb doesn’t fix what is going on under the hood.  Keep driving and there will likely be other more significant warning signs, like a loud noise.  Turning the radio up so you don’t hear the noise doesn’t solve the problem.  Further down the road there may be smoke and possibly fire.  Continuing to drive with fire extinguishers will only get you so far before the engine fails.  But when you address the source of the issue you will have a car that lasts longer with a more enjoyable ride.

My approach is to help provide relief from your symptoms while we find and address the deeper source of the issue.  When we ask better questions, we get better results.  Is the physical structure of the body working the way it is supposed to?  Are there nutritional deficiencies or excesses?  Is the biochemistry of the body functioning optimally?  Are there epigenetic snps (spelling mistakes) that are impacting normal function and need support?  What are the person’s mental emotional patterns?  What habits are supporting health, and which are contributing to the issue?

Time and time again I have found when we find the source and give the body what it needs it can heal.  People then have the energy to get back to doing the things they love, enjoying life, and being the person they want to be.  Just like with the car though, don’t wait until your engine is beyond repair.