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We use natural therapies to help your child be as healthy and happy as possible and provide you with piece of mind.

We will assist your child and you by:

  • Doing all we can to optimize development
  • Providing a foundation of health for life
  • Using natural therapies to restore and maintain balance
  • Giving you 24/7 access to the doctor in case of emergencies

We can help with:

  • Well Baby/Child Exam
  • Acute Illnesses and Injuries
  • Chronic Conditions

“My young daughter and I came to see Dr. Lou Walters when we sought out different, better, and natural solutions for our health care. Dr. Lou has helped guide us through childhood illnesses, injuries, allergy seasons, cold and flu ailments, as well as given us sound nutrition and overall health advice. We highly recommend The Source Wellness Center for any health concerns that you may have!” -Tracee

Common ailments we help kids with:



GI Issues



Sore Throats


Ear Infections



Joint Pain

Food Intolerances

Getting started is easy:

  • Schedule a Free 30 min Consultation ($100 value).
  • Meet with Dr. Lou to talk and answer your questions.
  • Make a plan together on how to move forward.