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Do you have any limiting beliefs? Do you say: “things like that don’t happen for me” or “all the good ones are taken” or “people who have a lot of money are bad” ?

You can maintain and promote brain health by: drinking water, getting adequate sleep (7-9 hours), reducing inflammation (minimizing processes foods and trauma), being social, getting strenuous exercise, changing habits, learning something new, challenging your brain, etc.

Do you ever wonder how the healthy people are staying healthy? There are many ways we can stay vibrant and healthy!

Deep Breathing

A 4 second inhale with an 8 sec exhale (x10 an hour) can tremendously improve your health. Deep breathing can help balance our nervous system, reduce stress, improve mood, and promote heart health!

Are you feeling stuck? Ask yourself, what does that mean or could I look at this differently? It is helpful to be intentional, define yourself, and create/find your identity.

Digestion Tips

It is important to chew our food well or else our digestive system has to work extra hard to digest large chunks of food. Our nervous system is related to our digestion, so if you are overly stressed this can shut down you digestive system. Try not to drink a ton of water while eating your food, it is good to drink water before or after eating, not during.