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Not all supplements are created equal.

We take supplements to improve our health.  How effective they are will be determined by several factors.  The first is how good are the ingredients?  If the ingredients are of low quality, it won’t help much, if at all.  Some ingredients are synthetic versions of natural vitamins.  Just like a plastic apple looks like one that occurs in nature, they don’t function in the body the same way if you ate both. 

Many supplements on the shelves have dyes, fillers, sweeteners, and other non-active ingredients that can cause unintended reactions in the body.  This can lead to symptoms over time. 

And worst of all is if harmful contaminants made it into the bottle due to corners being cut in quality control to keep prices lower.  If you are taking supplements you want them to help improve your health, not make it worse. 

The supplement companies we work with and recommend use top shelf ingredients, without the dyes, fillers, and junk.  We only work with companies with exceptional quality control standards and practices.  Make sure the supplements you are taking are high quality to help you reach your health goals.