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Dr. Lou explains how foods can cause reactions in our bodies. Listen to find out how food sensitivities and reactions start; and how to reduce these.

Dr. Lou explains how exercise can be better than any medication when dealing with mild/moderate depression.

Dr. Lou explains that the United States is 15th on the happiness index. Social relationships and the want for materialistic things are factors.

Bone Manipulations

Bone manipulations are not only for muscle/joint aches and pains. Organs and glands have a nerve supply, so bones that are out of place or crooked can decrease the nerve supply in turn making organs and glands have irregular function. Listen to this explanation of how bone manipulations can be helpful for your health.

Dr. Lou explains what we can do to help boost ourselves during the changing seasons; specifically winter when there are shorter days and longer nights.

Dr. Lou gives a couple of tips on how to stay active during the winter months!