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Dr. Lou explains what we can do to help boost ourselves during the changing seasons; specifically winter when there are shorter days and longer nights.

Dr. Lou gives a couple of tips on how to stay active during the winter months!

Alcohol is a carcinogen and can increase the risk of breast cancer. Listen to these eye opening facts Dr. Lou tells us from the World Health Organization.

Ways to help prevent getting sick is to drink water, get adequate sleep, wash hands, avoid sugary/starchy foods, and trying to keep stress levels down. Also, don’t forget to take your Vitamin D.

Warming socks can improve the circulation of blood helping the body’s immune system fight back. Dr. Lou does a great job explaining how to use warming socks, along with other tips! This is a great remedy for cold and flu season. Adults can do this too!

It is important to not drink a bunch of caffeine, including coffee, when feeling jet lagged. This can actually have adverse affects, making you feel more fatigued and making it harder to sleep. Drink water, get exercise, get outside, take melatonin, and eat a nutritious breakfast.