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Dr. Lou joins Tonia Johnson on the Alchemy of Me to talk about stories of health, patterns, Naturopaths, definitions of health, how to take your health seriously and much more!

Dr. Lou explains Lymph, our Lymphatic System, and how it can affect out body, such as causing disease if not properly taken care of.

Dr. Lou discusses ways to make a healthy change, how to not be overwhelmed, and how taking small steps will lead to accomplishment.

Dr. Lou talks about Thyroids and how that can sometimes lead to ones fatigue. He also discusses what labs to get in order to correctly assess this and see if your thyroid is functioning properly.

Dr. Lou tells us about a leafy green that is in season for spring, as well as all the nutrients it contains!

Dr. Lou explains the Platos allegory of the cave and how it relates to health care practices.