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Connect with Nature

We need to be in tune with nature to benefit our health. Artificial light can affect our mood an energy. Taking walks and really feeling the ground can be very calming and grounding. The sun is great for getting Vitamin D.

Do you go to the doctor when you feel good or when you feel terrible? It is ideal to have consistent health appointments, so you always continue to feel good. It is not ideal to wait until we feel terrible to go to the doctor.

In the dark our bodies naturally produce melatonin that makes us sleepy and when it becomes light our body breaks that down and produces cortisol that keeps us awake. If the sun staying out longer and coming up earlier affects your sleep, then try black out curtains or sleep masks. Try not to look at artificial light before bed such as TV or phone screens.

Add barbecue sauce to meat after grilling, not before or during as that can cause formations of carcinogens.

Char and fat drippings can cause carcinogens! BBQ food with marinades such as olive oil, wine, garlic, onions, rosemary, avocado oil to help reduce harmful carcinogens. More ways to reduce these formations while grilling is try and cook meat to medium rare, reduce time on the heat, and raise meat off the heat source.

Power Positions

How to feel more confident and powerful to make the best decisions.